VISQUE® InVivo Smart

Preclinical in vivo fluorescent imaging and analysis system

High-sensitivity Fluorescent Imaging

Scientific CMOS Camera

  • Optimized solution for high-end scientific applications
  • Min. image pixel size: 20 ㎛ (@7.5x)

High-sensitivity Imaging Sensor

  • Quantum Efficiency: 72% at 595 nm
  • Dynamic Range: 87 dB
  • Dark Current: < 10 e-/s/pix @ 30℃

Fast-speed Imaging Acquisition

  • Uniformed-quality image with high-speed image acquisition up to 30 frames per second

C57BL/6 mouse image taken 1 hour after NIR fluorescent dye injection through the tail vein.


Nude mouse image taken 2 days after Exosome-NIR dye complex injection through the tail vein.

Intelligent in vivo Imaging Viewer & Kinetic Analysis Program

Fast and Convenient Analysis Tools

  • One-click analysis
    : automatic display of fluorescence level, ROI analysis units, etc.
  • Image process
    : autofluorescence signal removal, merge of multi-spectral images
  • Report mode
    : shows the acquisition setup information, Raw image, ROI, the range of Pseudocolor bar, comments, etc.

Convenient Post-image Analysis and Edition Tools

  • *.cif analysis file output
  • The display and analysis of four-different images in one screen
  • Other supported formats
    : tif, bmp, jpg, png

Time-Lapse Imaging and Analysis Software

  • Supporting more than 10 analytic algorithms for pharmacokinetics and biodistribution by using the real-time image acquisition
image image

Refined Design & Optional Accessories to Enhance Usability

User-friendly Product Design

  • Light weight of 22 kg (possible to hand-carry)
  • Compact design
  • Foot switch
  • Sliding stage
  • Easy Lens Control to Obtain Precise Imaging

    • Motorized Iris / Zoom / Focus for detailed adjustments
    • Real-time observation of inside of the equipment
    • Zoom: 1x ~ 3x

    in vivo Fluorescenct Imaging

    • Imaging solid tumors & tracking metastatic tumors
    • Assessment of cardiovascular and/or Lymphatic structure and functions
    • Evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of new drugs against cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, autoimmune disorders or angiogenesis etc.
    • Analysis of the pharmacokinetics of new drugs

    Pharmacokinetics study of exosomes labeled with NIR fluorescent dyes


    0 hr: immediately after IP injection of the exosome-ICG complex.
    The blue arrow indications the injection spot.

    Representative Detectable Dyes

    Representative Detectable Dyes
    Imaging – Mode Imaging - Light Excitation / Emission Fluorescent Dyes
    GFP Blue Ex : 390nm - 490nm
    Em : 500nm - 550nm
    GFP / EGFP / Alexa 488 / FITC / QD 525
    PE Green Ex : 530nm - 570 nm
    Em : 575nm - 640 nm
    RFP / DsRed / PE / Alexa 568 / TRITC / QD 585 / QD 605 / QD 625
    Cy5.5 Red Ex : 620nm - 650nm
    Em : 690nm - 740nm
    Cy5.5 / PKE680 / Alexa 680 / Alexa 700 / QD 705
    HyperRed Ex : 630nm - 680nm
    Em : 690nm - 740nm
    ICG NIR Ex : 740nm - 790nm
    Em : 810nm - 860nm
    ICG / QD 800
    Technical Specifications arrow
    Technical Specifications
    Dimension 40 cm x 40 cm x 57 cm
    Weight 17 kg
    Operating Temperature 10℃ to 27℃
    Power 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 ㎐, max. 0.5 A at 220 V AC
    Sensor scientific CMOS
    Resolution (H x V) 1024 x 1024
    Pixel Size 6.5 um
    Min. Image Pixel Resolution 20 um (7.5x)
    Digital Output 14 bit
    Maximum Frame Rate 30 fps
    Exposure Time 0.013s to 3s
    Detection Spectral Range 500 ㎚­ to 860 ㎚
    Interface USB 3.0
    Control Zoom / Iris / Focus
    Zoom (Field of View, H x V) 15 cm x 15 cm (1x ) ~ 2 cm x 2 cm (7.5x )
    Software, CleVueTM
    Exclusive File Format *.CIF (CleVue Image File) Saves all information of an image such as a raw image,
    analyzed image, ROI information, acquisition information, comments etc.
    Supported Image File Format TIFF / Bitmap / JPEG / PNG
    Image Merging Merges images of multi-fluorescent dyes
    Removal of Autofluorescence Removes autofluorescence or reflection from fluorescent images
    Report Mode Displays an analyzed image with color scale bar, analyzed data, acquisition info, comments etc.
    Kinetics Analysis • Includes 10 kinds of algorithms, i.e. MTT, BFI, and patented other algorithms to analyze Kinetics
    • Dynamics graph, i.e. a plot of pixel intensity over time
    • Map with Kinetics values on an image
    Excitation Light
    Source LED
    White Light epi white LED
    Emission Filters
    Filter Selection Automated Control
    Emission Filters 1 included, 8 optional

    * Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    * This system is only for research

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