VISQUE® InVivo InSight

VISQUE® InVivo InSight is a in vivo SWIR fluorescent imaging and analysis system.

High-sensitivity Camera

Advanced Cooling Technology

  • High sensitivity maintained with as low as - 60℃ (air cooling)
  • Easy maintenance with no need for a chiller

Streamlined Workflow with Wide Field of View

Broad Field of View

  • Capture up to 3 mice simultaneously
  • Easy adjustment with 1-3x zoom capability

Superior Emission and Excitation Filter Performance

Emission Filters

  • Up to 9 customizable filters ( 900 nm 1,700 nm) Emi. 900nm, 937nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1319nm, 1550nm

Diverse Filter Configurations

  • Stack up to 2 filters, allowing for 2 filters per slot
  • Precise adjustment of emission spectral range for refined wave length customization

Superior Filter Performance

  • Semrock filter: hard-coated filter width up to 6-7 optical density
  • Enhanced precision with hard-coating for refined light blocking
  • Effective blocking of unwanted light (6-7 optical density) while allowing transmission of light that needs to pass through (over 90% transmission)

Intelligent in vivo Imaging Viewer & Kinetic Analysis Program

1) Fast and Convenient Analysis Tools

  • One-click analysis
    : automatic display of fluorescence level and simple setting
  • Image process
    : autofluorescence signal removal, merge of multi-spectral images
  • Report mode
    : the acquisition setup information, raw image, ROI, the range of pseudocolor bar, comments, etc.

2) Convenient Post-image Analysis and Edition Tools

  • *.cif analysis file output
  • The display and analysis of four-different images in one screen
  • Other supported formats
    : tif, bmp, jpg, png

3) Advanced Imaging and Analysis Software

  • Time-lapse imaging analysis
  • Kinetic analysis: Dynamics graph and 10 kinds of algorithms
  • Image analysis:
    Autofluorescence removal, Spectral unmixing, Merge of multi-spectral image

Refined Design & Optional Accessories to Enhance Usability

Easy Lens Control to Obtain Precise Imaging

  • Convenient and detailed focus control with real-time observation of mice
  • Zoom/ Focus for detailed adjustments

Real-time Fluorescent Signal Pre-RUN

  • Real-time visualization of fluorescent signals
  • Facilitates easy optimization of research settings
    (focus, exposure time, filter combinations)
Technical Specification arrow
Technical Specification
VISQUE® InVivo InSight
Imaging Capability in vivo Imaging, SWIR fluorescent imaging
Sensor InGaAs
Cooling -60℃ (Air cooling)
Resolution (H × V) 640 X 512
Pixel Size 15 x 15 μm
Digital Output 16 bit
Binning 1×1, 2×2, 4×4
Light Source Laser
Fluorescence Filter Excitation Filter Basic wavelength: 808nm
Option wavelength: 976nm
Emission Filter Up to 9 filters (2 basic filters mounted)
Control Motorized Iris / Zoom / Focus
Zoom (Field of View, H × V) 21 x 17 cm ~ 8 x 6.5 cm
Animal Capacity 3 mice
Heating Stage Off / 25℃ / 36℃
Anesthesia Ventilator Adaptor Yes
CleVue Software
Image Acquisition Mode Single-frame, Time-lapse imaging
Supported File Format cif (exclusive file format), tif, bmp, jpg, png
Kinetic Analysis Dynamics graph and 10 kinds of algorithms for kinetic analysis
Image Analysis Quantification, ROI, Autofluorescence removal, Spectral unmixing, Merge of multi-spectral images

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

* This system is for research purpose only

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