High Speed Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

Superior Image Quality
Employing the intricatly designed 3-camera structure, Vieworks' slide scanner LUCEON delivers four different imaging modes.

3-Camera Structure

  • Obtains three differently focused images at once
  • Achieves 4 ㎛ depth of field in a single field of view (FOV)
  • Produces high resolution image at 40x magnification

3-Camera structure


Best focused layer mode


Tri-focal layer merge mode

Four Image Modes

Four Image Modes
Scan mode Extended depth of focus Scan time Image size Optimal application
Best focused layer mode Automatically selects image with best image quality X 30 sec.
(15 mm x 15 mm)
0.4 GB - 0.7 GB
(15 mm x 15 mm)
Histopathology slides
Tri-focal layer merge mode
  • Three individual images are captured and fused real-time
  • Resulting fusion image contains best focused pixels from each individual image
30 sec. - 60 sec.
(liquid slide)
0.3 GB - 0.5 GB
(liquid slide)
Liquid-based cytology slides
Z-stack mode Z-stack mode
  • High speed Z-stack
  • Adjusts layer spacing in increments of 0.1 ㎛
Dependent on number of layers Dependent on number of layers Cytology smear slides
Tri-focal layer merge Z-stack
  • High speed tri-focal layer merge Z-stack
  • Adjusts layer spacing in increments of 0.1 ㎛
    (recommended spacing: 1 ㎛)
3 times faster than Z-stack 1/3 of Z-stack Cytology smear slides

*Image size may vary depending on the complexity of target

Cytology slide captured with tri-focal layer merge mode

40 x


Image taken with a microscope


Tri-focal layer merge mode

80 x


Image taken with a microscope


Tri-focal layer merge mode

High Speed, High Volume Scanning

High Throughput

  • Scans up to 83 slides per hour (15 mm x 15 mm @ 40x)

High Speed Scanning

  • Scan speed of 30 sec./slide

High Volume Scanning

  • Compatible slide racks

    - Loads up to 510 slides (17 racks with 30 slides/rack)
    - Loads up to 340 slides (17 racks with 20 slides/rack)
    - Supports both 30 slide racks and 20 slide racks with Vieworks' patent pending adapter

    * Adapter available for individual purchase


Up to 17 racks and 510 slides


30 slide and 20 slide racks used simultaneously

Easy Operation

Automated Slide Management

  • Scanned error slides are sorted automatically into Error Slide Rack

Continuous Scan

  • Replace slide racks without turning off the scanner
  • Non-stop scanning after occurrence of error slides

Scan Priority Setting

  • Designate priority scanning for each slide rack

Automatic error slide sorting for non-stop scanning


Designated error slide rack

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Accessible Design

  • Simply designed interior and exterior enabling maintenance on spot

Reliable Customer Support

  • Timely and thorough after-sales service provided by Vieworks' service engineers

Auto Calibration

  • Effortless calibration with automatic calibration feature and calibration slide

Swing door for easy opening


Easy access to optics components with magnetic cover

Technical Specifications arrow
Technical Specifications
Imaging Type Brightfield
Camera 12 megapixels (pixel size: 5.5 ㎛ X 5.5 ㎛)
Number of Slides 30 slide rack: 510 slides (17 racks)
20 slide rack: 340 slides (17 racks)
Scan Speed (15 mm x 15 mm) 30 Sec.
Throughput (per hr.) 83 slides
Objective Lens 40x (NA 0.75)
(ZIESS objective lens)
Pixel Resolution (㎛/pixel) 0.275
Rack Compatibility Yes
(30 slides/rack & 20 slides/rack)
Z-Stacking Yes
Slide Type 1" x 3"
Error Slide Sorting Function Yes
Continuous Loading Yes
Scan Pause, Scan First Function Yes
Image File Type Tiff, DICOM
Barcode Scan 1D, 2D
(Data Matrix, QR code, Code 39, Code 128, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C)
Power Consumption 360W
Dimension (mm) 1,080 x 845 x 650
Weight (kg) 175
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