Vieworks launches new product, VISQUE InVivo Smart


VISQUE® InVivo Smart is an imaging system and offers fluorescent detection from green to near-infrared and time-lapse acquisition as fast as 30 frames per second. It adopts a high-sensitive scientific COMS camera, which is suitable for detecting low fluorescent signal of in vivo, ex vivo, well plate with cells/particles. The real-time monitoring function makes it possible to detect the experimental animal status and adjust the best set-up of the lens zoom and focus. The system has an exclusive analysis software which has over 10 kinds of patented kinetics algorithms to analyze real-time images as many as 1000 frames through one-click. These algorithms are already published to SCI journals several times.

High-performance sCMOS Camera
- Min. image pixel size: 20um (@7.5x) / Max. 30fps / Dynamic Range: 87dB

The exclusive viewer and kinetic analysis program: CleVue™
- Support more than ten analytic algorithms
- Fast and convenient tools: one-click analysis, multi-screen, report mode, post-imaging analysis, and edition tools

Sophisticated design
- Simple and compact design to enhance the analysis workflow
- Easy adjustment of lens

- Biodistribution of new drugs, stem cells or tumor cells
- Optical properties of new fluorometries or QDs
- Structure and function of lymphatic and/or cardiovasculature including cerebrospinal fluid.
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