Interview / Hooshik Kim, President and CEO of Vieworks


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Hooshik Kim is president of Vieworks, a company which is cutting a brilliant figure in global market of digital X-ray systems.

He proudly says that his company’s strongest competitive power lies in its world top level technology based on the company’s superior human resources. There are a few companies in the world that can produce both hardware and software of digital X-ray systems, machine vision CCD cameras altogether and Vieworks is one of those few companies, he explained with pride.

He founded the company in 1999 by the time when digital X-ray technology was newly introduced, since he believed with great conviction that digital X-ray imaging technology had a huge potential in the worldwide market.

He always thinks of superior human resources supporting the company as most important. Hence, he spares no investment in welfare for its employees.
Recently Vieworks has moved to a new head office with all mod cons.

“The clean and modern style of our new office can leave a good impression on our buyers. I plan to gear up to increase our overseas sales by establishing a branch office in the States.” said Hooshik Kim. [Oct. 8, 2007]

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- Source: ‘A Series of Venture Company Biographies’ - The financial news
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