Unveils In vivo imaging solution based on shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths


- Dedicated system for in vivo fluorescence signal detection and analysis based on Shortwave Infrared Wavelengths(1000 nm to 1700 nm)

- Research system exclusive to preclinical testing for cancer cell, stem cell, and neovascularization studies and drug discovery 

- High-speed image acquisition up to 90 images per second, with Clevue™, software for kinetic signal analysis

Vieworks, a global provider of imaging solution, unveiled VISQUE® InVivo InSight, a new optical in vivo imaging solution for small animals, at the American Association for Cancer Research(AACR) 2024.


VISQUE® InVivo InSight is a high-end in vivo imaging solution for visualizing fluorescent signals in laboratory animals in preclinical applications. In line with the global preclinical equipment market trend, Vieworks plans to develop an instrument capable of fluorescence imaging at shortwave infrared(SWIR) wavelengths to meet the emerging demand.

A key strength of VISQUE® InVivo InSight is its deep bio-penetrability to the subject being imaged. By adopting cameras and diverse optical filters specialized to shortwave infrared imaging, we have increased the permeability of small animals in the process of observing. Based on the clear images obtained, it is possible to expect exceptional data reliability in the observation of tumor metastasis, drug dynamics, and vascular·lymphatic systems. In addition, it supports cooling up to -60℃, which dramatically increases the sensitivity and resolution.

It also features a refinded design that enhances usability. Improving on the narrow shooting range limitations of previous global products, it allows for the imaging of up to three mice at once, with convenient and precise focus control. The user-friendly design allows for real-time visualization of fluorescence signals, and makes it easy to optimize options such as exposure time and filter combinations based on the study.

Live imaging with VISQUE® InVivo InSight can be easily reported using CleVue™ software. CleVue™ is a proprietary software that quickly and easily analyzes the distribution of drugs in the subject and the flow of fluids within the vascular and lymphatic systems of experimental animals.

The optical-based preclinical imaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 4.9% over the next five years, with optical imaging for small animals at shortwave infrared wavelengths (SWIR) being particularly in demand in China, Europe, and the Americas.

"VISQUE® InVivo InSight, which was introduced for the first time at American Association for Cancer Research 2024, represents the pinnacle of in vivo fluorescence imaging systems." said a representative from Vieworks.


VISQUE® InVivo InSight introduction page
VISQUE® InVivo InSight time-lapse imaging user manual


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