Vieworks In-vivo Solution Accelerates European Expansion


Vieworks, a leading provider of imaging solutions, today announced that it is participating in the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIC 2023) in Prague, Czech Republic, from May 5 to 9 to showcase its in vivo imaging solutions with the highest level of optical technology in the in-vivo market.

At the event, Vieworks introduced two optical in-vivo imaging devices, VISQUE® InVivo ART and VISQUE® InVivo Smart-LF, and dedicated bio-image analysis software, CleVue. The optical in vivo imaging solution is a system utilized for data collection during clinical trials. When used in the preclinical stage, it enables precise measurement of pharmacological responses by visualizing drugs, cells, and tissues in the body of laboratory animals.

Vieworks' VISQUE® InVivo ART is a high-end in-vivo imaging system that utilizes a proprietary optical system and a -90°C low-temperature high-sensitivity camera. This enables high-sensitivity imaging in the near-infrared band, enabling the detection of tiny signals from dozens of cells. In addition, the optical system, which can capture a large area, allows for simultaneous imaging of 10 mice at a time, greatly increasing the convenience and efficiency of experiments. 

The VISQUE InVivo Smart-LF is considered a universal model in the in-vivo imaging market. By increasing lighting efficiency and setting the operating temperature of the image sensor to -20°C, the camera's warm-up time is minimized, and the patented technology reduces image noise to obtain the highest quality images.

'CleVue' is a software that can calculate quantitative data from real-time images taken with VISQUE® equipment. It is a dedicated software for quickly and easily analyzing the distribution status of drugs in experimental animals, and provides various image analysis algorithms and image maps in addition to basic functions such as ROI(Region of Interest) and quantitative analysis. These analysis algorithms have been jointly developed by Vieworks and KAIST researchers for several years and have been utilized in diverse SCI papers.

Vieworks' participation in WMIC is expected to provide an opportunity for Vieworks' differentiated, ultra-precise and durable optoelectronic technology to be widely recognized in the global bio market.

"In the past, the small animal in-vivo equipment market has been monopolized by overseas products, but since 2016, Vieworks has developed in-vivo devices that have both the performance and competitiveness of global top-tier products, giving us a clear advantage in the global competition." said Hoo Shik Kim, CEO of Vieworks.

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