In vivo signal detection & intelligent image analysis
software for VISQUE®

Powerful Analysis

Advanced Kinetic Analysis

  • Patented algorithms for kinetic analysis of molecular diffusion phenomenon

    Tmax, Tarrival, Imax, Iarrival, Trising, 1st Peak, FluAngio, DyAngio, etc.

  • Kinetics visualization with feature maps
  • Time-series kinetics graphs

Spectrum Analysis

  • Spectral unmixing

    Clear multichannel fluorescence imaging

    Autofluorescence signals removal

  • Merge of multi-spectral images

ROI Analysis

  • Complete information of ROI

    Quantitative ROI information
    (statistics: min, max, mean, std dev, sum)

    Relative ROI information (ratio)

  • ROI selection

    Auto ROI (automatic selection of signals)

    Symmetric ROI (two-mirrored ROIs)

    Shaped ROI (rectangle, ellipse, polygon)

    Well plate ROI (6, 12, 24, 48, 96)

  • Copy and paste of ROIs among several images

Unique Analysis Tools

CleVue Image File (CIF)

  • Exclusive file format for CleVue

    Including all information of an image
    (ROI values, acquisition settings, comments etc.)

    Making re-analysis easier

Advanced User Features

  • Various pseudo-coloring support
  • Unit conversion among intensity, radiance and radiance efficiency
  • Diverse filter options for image enhancement

    Median filter

    Round filter

  • User specific control of histogram

Multi-image Comparison

  • Up-to-4 image comparison at a time
  • Synchronization of window level and zoom/panning

Specialized acquisition

Acquisition Setting

  • Preset according to the fluorescence dyes

    GFP, PE, Cy5.5, ICG, customized mode etc.

  • Combination of excitation and emission wavelengths
  • Differentiated acquisition type

    Accumulation, time-lapse

User Setting

  • Save and load of personalized acquisition setting
  • Sequential acquisitions for multi-spectral images

Convenient Workspace (Dual Windows)

  • Windows dedicated for acquisition and analysis
  • Support of multi-monitor environments


Academic Writing Support

  • Report Mode: one-page summary of data

    Analyzed image, color scale bar, ROI values, acquisition information, comments etc.

  • Provision of various file formats

    Values (*.csv)

    Images (*.jpg, *.png, *.bmp, *.tif)

Image Loss Prevention

  • Auto saving of every acquired image

Intuitive User Interface

  • Front placement of frequently used icons
  • Customizable layout
  • image image
  • image image
  • image image
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